Lesson #9: INVENTORY

This week, we’ve come to a crucial step in our recovery process – writing down our inventory. The simple act of writing helps us organize our thoughts and focus on recalling people and events, including those that we may have forgotten or repressed in some way. Reflecting on our past, we seek to identify the things that have played important roles – both positive and negative – in our lives.

As you set out to write your inventory, continue to develop your recovery support team and remember that you are not alone. Be mindful to pray continually, asking the Lord to encourage and guide you through each step. Ask him to help you maintain a balance as you seek to recall past people and events and resist the urge to allow the negative to outweigh or overshadow the positive. Join us this Thursday night as we are equipped and encouraged to write our inventory.

“‘Come, let’s talk this over!’ says the Lord; ‘no matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can take it out and make you as clean as freshly fallen snow. Even if you are stained as red as crimson, I can make you white as wool!'” Isaiah 1:18

Recovery Reminder

Principle 4: Openly examine and confess my faults to myself, to God, and to someone I trust.

“Happy are the pure in heart.” Matthew 5:8

Step 4: We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

“Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the LORD.” Lamentations 3:40

Upcoming Events

NEW Men’s Step Study 

Hurts, habits, and hang-ups hinder our walk with God. Healing is available through applying the eight principles and twelve steps of this Bible based recovery program to our lives. It is within the safety of a step study group that people have an opportunity to honestly address whatever their hurt, habit, or hang-up might be. Strong bonds and friendships are developed and support teams are formed. Accountability partners encourage us as we work through the material and sponsors guide us through the steps.

The Men’s Step Study originally scheduled for May 12th is moved to May 26th.

WHEN: Tuesday mornings; 7:30am; begins May 26th

WHERE: CCST, 205 Como Street (next door to STF DI campus)

LED BY: Reed and TBD

Please click the “Contact Us” tab above for more information.

East Coast Summit

Every year CR leaders and volunteers from around the world gather to be encouraged and equipped to grow and serve within the Celebrate Recovery ministry.  Many have walked away from the summit stating that it was a life changing experience that helped them grow in their recovery.  We are currently coordinating the details for a group from STF to attend this years east coast  summit being held July 8th-10th in Murfreesboro, TN.  If you are interested in finding out more information please send an email to cr@stfchurch.com.

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