Testimony – Dusty

So many times God touches our lives through the lives of others. Come this Thursday night and allow God to encourage and strengthen you through Dusty’s story; he is a believer in recovery for sexual addiction. Below is a glimpse at how God has worked in Dusty’s life.  When he realized and accepted his brokenness, Dusty stepped out from behind denial, allowing the healing power of God’s love to work in his life.  Praise God that He has used those of us at CR to bring this about!

Growing up the son of a Southern Baptist preacher, Dusty learned to be a people pleaser and keep secrets.  Behind the façade of a good solid Christian, sexual addiction took a stronghold in his life and led to the loss of his job, marriage, and ministry.  Finding himself alone, knowing he was broken and wanting to put an end to his pain and addiction, Dusty cried out to God and found healing and reconciliation.  

Current Events

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Men’s Step Study 

Sunday mornings, 11:00am, Room B207


Co-led by Ben and Derrick

Women’s Step Study

Sunday mornings, 11:00am, Room B208


Co-led by Jenny and Rebekah

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