Testimony – LAURA

 At times, we may look around, only to realize that we are not where or who we had thought we might be. Maybe our circumstances feel overwhelming, and we aren’t sure how to proceed or who to trust along the way. Come and hear how Laura, amidst frustration, fear, and disappointment, moved forward on her journey. Here is a brief glimpse of her story…

“I was sick of it.  I felt cheated and disappointed.  I thought that being married and having lots of kids meant that I would be surrounded by love and happiness, but I felt lonelier than I ever had.  I acted like a single parent 99% of the time and I felt like a babysitter instead of a wife.  My life had not turned out anything like I had expected it to.  I started to hate the word “wife.”  To me, it had the equivalent meaning of slave and object.  I blamed my husband for my unhappiness.  I was pretty much just done with trying and if I didn’t have children to care for, I would have been happy to let it all end. 

I came to Celebrate Recovery week after week, hungry for the hope that was fed to me there. Soon after, I began spending my alone time delving into the Bible, waking up early to allow myself time for devotions, and staying up into the wee hours of night pouring over stories I had never heard before.  I spent countless hours talking to God.  This was my first real experience with prayer, and I was amazed that I could just talk to God whenever, wherever, and about whatever I wanted to.  Finally, I had someone to talk to and my days were just a little bit less lonely.  I jumped in head-first and thought that I was more than ready to start my road to recovery.”


“If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it.” Luke 17:33

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