Lesson #21 – RELAPSE

Tommy will Teach this weeks Lesson.

The first step in preventing a relapse is to admit to ourselves that we will be tempted. The next important step is to acknowledge that we are not above temptation. If we take an honest look at Scripture, Jesus wasn’t above temptation, so why do we think we are? Jesus never sinned, but He was tempted. We must remember that being tempted is not a sin in and of itself. It is, however, a call to battle.

When we find ourselves in a situation where we are tempted to fall back into some old habits, hang-ups, and hurts, we need to respond in the same manner as Christ did when He responded to Satan’s temptations by saying, “‘Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only.’” [Matthew 4:10]

This Thursday night we will begin to prepare our hearts and minds for the upcoming holiday season. This time of year can be a difficult one for many of us as old temptations find new ways (or use the same familiar ways) to present themselves. Come gain the tools you need to be able to stand your ground and respond as Jesus did in the face of temptation.

Recovery Reminder

Principle 7: Reserve a daily time with God for self-examination, Bible reading, and prayer in order to know God and His will for my life and to gain the power to follow His will.

Step 11: Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and power to carry that out.                                                                                                                                        “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly.”   Colossians 3:1



Thursday Night’s Dinner: Cindy is cooking; Chicken Florentine, pasta primavera, green bean almandine, & a Greek salad.




The Journey Begins.

Where: South Tampa Fellowship – 5101 S. Bayshore Blvd., Tampa, Fl. 33611 (Ballast Point Campus), room A-202 3rd floor.

When: Sunday Morning from 11:00 to 12:30pm.

Have a question or need more information you can email us by clicking HERE or just show up Sunday morning.

What is a Step Study?

Celebrate Recovery uses 8 principles & the 12 steps along with their related Scriptures as the Biblical model for living your life. A Step Study is a personal journey through each of these steps in a confidential group led by a facilitator who has completed a study. The group is open for newcomers to join until the group reaches the fourth step, when the group is closed for the duration of the steps.

We use Celebrate Recovery’s four participant workbooks. When you finish the study, you will have worked your hurts, habits, and hang-ups through each of the 8 principles & 12 steps. A Step Study is a long-term commitment to the members of the group. We do follow guidelines to keep the group’s trust. Step Study meetings are gender-specific and meet on different days than the main Celebrate Recovery Thursday evenings.

Celebrate Recovery strongly encourages the use of a sponsor and accountability partners when working these steps to recovery.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor in Celebrate Recovery is someone who has completed the four participant’s guides. He or she has worked through the 8 principles and the 12 steps. The main goal of this relationship is to choose someone to guide you through the program.

What is an accountability partner?

An accountability partner is someone you ask to hold you accountable for certain areas of your recovery or issues, such as attendance, journaling, and so forth. This person can be at the same level of recovery as you are.

What is the difference between a sponsor and an accountability partner?

Sponsors should be trained and have completed the 8 principles or 12 steps. The main goal of this relationship is to encourage one another. You can form an accountability team of three or four. The accountability partner or group acts as the ‘team’, whereas the sponsor’s role is that of a ‘coach’.




Divorce Care Started last Thursday September 21st until December 21st.

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 CR One Day Seminar in Orlando



In ministry we have the incredible blessing to serve others in our Church and community. These people may be struggling with big struggles of hurt, fear, anger, anxiety, control issues, family chaos, addictions and more.

In ministry we can get tired, discouraged, off track or maybe even find ourselves losing our passion for ministry as a whole. We have an incredible tool in CR to help you become equipped to help those in your Church body in an effective way. Even better, we have National One Day Training’s to help train and equip you and your team on how to lead this incredible ministry of Celebrate Recovery.

Thousands of people across the globe who have attended our National One Day Training’s have expressed a great appreciation for the training’s. Why? Because they give us a place to hit the pause button in our “to-do” list and join others in sharpening our own saw.

Attending the One Day training’s reminds us that we are not alone and that we have a partner in ministry. Learning how to start and run a CR ministry in your church while gaining an army of family to walk alongside us in the journey is truly priceless. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes, “Two are better than one and a three-fold cord is not easily broken.” Our human nature is to keep our head down and try to muddle our way through life’s ministry problems.

Leave encouraged, equipped, trained and confident to grow your ministry strong.


Sat, November 18, 2017, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM EST

*Snacks and lunch provided.

If you are in Leadership or have a desire to do more with this ministry, & would like to go. Let us know by clicking HERE.



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