For me, the morning is the only time of day when I feel as though silence and stillness exist. Everything is still calm and peaceful. Time seems to be a little slower in the mornings, and I do not feel the need to keep pace with anything. This is when I have my sacred time with Jesus. I read my Bible, journal, and spend time in prayer. Once this routine became a habit, it changed the ways my days went because it enabled me to establish my focus on God from the very beginning.
No matter what I face throughout the day, I am a bit more prepared for it because I have established my heart with God. In the past, when I began my days off rushed, it felt as though the entire day stayed rushed. When I started my days off with social media or the news, I would always bum myself out and allow it to determine the rest of my day. I ultimately learned that the best way for me to start my day was alone with my Father.
The time I spend with Jesus allows me to fix my focus on Him, fall more in love with Him, and establish my heart to trust Him. Most importantly, it continues to teach my spirit of the necessity I have for Jesus. Of course, I still struggle with temptations and frustrations throughout the day, but my posture to respond to them is built around Jesus. I can be loving and patient with others because I have already spent time learning from the most loving and patient One I know.
Every moment we choose to have a sacred time with our Father is a choice to grow our connection with our Father. As we make those times a necessity, we begin to see how blessed each day is. And even on our toughest days, the time we spend with our Father reminds us that He is good, and that is enough to get us through.
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