Where we see shame, God speaks hope. 

Maybe you have been living captive to shame. You should know that hope is the candle lit for you this season. And the constant flame can be a continual reminder that our King has entered the world, and his presence rattles our culture that believes we deserve shame. God does not speak in shame. He speaks hope over your life and over the world.

Here is how you can start to discern God’s voice: 

Take some time in the midst of this week to find a quiet place to acknowledge silence, posture your heart, and pray to God.

  • Acknowledge : Write out your thoughts.

-What parts of your life has shame claimed? Write them down.

-Can you identify where that shame is coming from? Remember that God does not speak shame.

  • Posture : Now take those thoughts captive.

-Write down this phrase: “A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.”

-As you focus on the areas where you feel shame, open your hands as a physical posture of release.

-Now try and posture your heart to God. What would it look like to replace those areas of shame with hope?

  • Prayer : Now invite God into those thoughts.