Meeting Highlights:


Continental Breakfast

Worship Music: David Bancroft, South Tampa Worship Leader



Part of the recovery journey is giving back; sponsoring those who come after us. Join us for this interactive (learning from each other) workshop and learn how to be a Sponsor and or Accountability Partner.
  • What are the requirements of a Sponsor and or Accountability Partner?
  • What are your fears and or concerns? What might be holding you back?
  • Walk through case studies and problem-solving techniques.
  • Answer the question: How do I handle critical situations?



                    Michelle Horton, a Biblical Counselor with Heart Song Counseling will provide us with a presentation on Suicide Prevention.




Register for this event by accepting the invitation on the Planning Center or signing up at the CR information table on Thursday night.



Attendance Requirements

  • Have you worked through the Celebrate Recovery Participant’s Guides at least one time and or completed a thorough 4th and 5th step?
  • Do you have one continuous year of sobriety/abstinence?
  • Are you actively attending Celebrate Recovery meetings?
  • Do you have your own Sponsor and Accountability Team?

If you said yes to the above questions, we invite you to attend the Celebrate Recovery Leadership Huddle.